We offer you the option of returning an item for a replacement or exchange instead of a refund. A replacement is a new item that is exactly the same as the original item described in the listing. An exchange is a new item that is different than the original item described in the listing — for example, a different size or color. An item being replaced or exchanged should be of comparable value to the original item.


You can request a replacement or exchange if:

The total refund value of the original item is less than 700,000.

Things to keep in mind when requesting a replacement or exchange:

If you’re requesting a replacement or exchange because the item wasn’t as described in the listing, such as with a damaged part, We are then responsible to Exchange the Product and pay for shipping back to your address.

If you’re unable to return the item because it’s unsafe to ship (such as a ruptured and leaking battery) or broken beyond repair, You may have to reach us directly on (256) 200-903674




A refund may be necessary When the item isn’t as described:

If a customer returns an item because it’s not as described in the listing, arrives damaged, or is missing parts, then his/her refund is:

Total purchase price + original shipping = total refund

A refund can only be guaranteed if the Product is returned in less than 48Hrs of Purchase. The packaging retail box should be in Very good shape.

Less than that, it will be a partial refund.

If a customer returns a product which is defected(Not as Described ) in its Description, He/She may receive an Exchange.