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12X Phone Zoom lens

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Type: mobile phone lens
Material: ABS, aluminum alloy
Closest focusing distance: 3M
Magnification: 12X
Viewing angle: 70 degree
Retractable: yes

UGX150,000 UGX130,000

12X Telephoto Telescope Lens
Ultra-long vision, high resolution and good color reproduction, overcomes the shortcoming of the cellphone that can only take near-sighted photos
It is also used for watching bird, wildlife and scenery. Overall, it is similar to a monocular telescope

Zoom Lens with Manual Focus
To get clear pictures with the adjustable 12X zoom lens, its closest focusing distance is about 3M

– Professional Optical Lens
Improve the stark contrast of the photos, realize the distinction of the vivid colors layer

– High-quality Workmanship
Made of high-quality ABS and aluminum alloy materials, no rust, reduce resistance to make sure a long service life

Clip-on Design
Portable and detachable lens clip design, which can be used with a wide range of cell phones. Easy to carry and install


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